Flight Site will identify your helicopter landing zones in the safest and most effective way possible.


This five-module lighting system with its 12,800 foot ceiling identifies the landing zone to the pilots from great distances.


Flight Site with its non vision impairing flash saves pilots precious life-saving time while pinpointing landing zones with extreme accuracy.


Easy to Use and Quickly Deployed:

This system will not allow the strobes to move even under the heaviest rotorwash conditions.


Many Diverse Applications:

Flight Site has many diverse applications that can be applied to your department's operations.

Enhance your high-rise operations by using our multi colored strobes to identify floor-to-floor operations or by marking your water supply lines in roadways to motorists.


Proven System:

With thousands of Flight Site landing zones in service, this system has proven to be an outstanding contribution to medivac / rescue teams. Flight Site will enhance your medivac and rescue delivery while at the same time add a multipurpose tool to your department.


Portable Landing Zone Site Kit includes:


  • 5 high intensity Lightman®xenon strobes or 5 LED modules
  • Your choice of 5 lenses
  • 5 WeightWashers™
  • 5 pairs of AA batteries
  • Ballistic nylon bag


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